Marie Marvingt

  • What impelled Marie Marvingt do the things​ she did? ​
  • What pushed her to compete with herself and others? 
  • How did she excel in so many fields? 
  • Who WAS she? ​
  • And why has she been forgotten?


         Marie Marvingt belongs in the canon of exceptional human beings, in the annals of sports, in any book of "firsts," in the history of the women’s movement, as a role model in children’s books, and as a name commonly recognized by most people. And yet, only one biography in the entire world has been devoted to the story of her life (Marie Marvingt: La Femme de la siècle by Rosalie Maggio and Marcel Cordier). This new biography introduces her to the English-speaking world. Her story -- inspiring, entertaining, unforgettable -- is almost as engaging as the charming, energetic, and popular Fiancée of Danger herself.

        Marie Marvingt (1875-1973) set the world's first women's aviation records, won the only gold medal for outstanding performance in all sports, invented the ambulance- airplane, was the first female bomber pilot in history, fought in World War I disguised as a man, took part in the Resistance of World War II, was the first to survive crossing the English Channel in a balloon, worked all her life as a journalist, spent years in North Africa, and invented metal skis. Her life story was so unusually rich in exploits and accomplishments that some dismissed it as a hoax.
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