A few highlights from her life illustrate Marie Marvingt's accomplishments, vigor, and passion:

1875: born 22 february in Aurillac, France

1879: is swimming 4 kilometers at a time

1886: conceives a lifelong passion for the bicycle

1889:  playing billiards, fencing, learning to tame animals and work the trapeze

1892: wins first prize in a canoe race

1899: gets her driver's license

1901: while still involved in sports, she takes up ballooning.

1905: she's been mountain-climbing for several years now and achieves some firsts, bikes in Nancy-Naples race, wins another canoe race, more ballooning, organizes a civilian ski school, drives a car from Bussang to Aurillac, apparently hunts seals in the Arctic, and swims across Paris in the Seine, setting the first record for a Frenchwoman

1907: wins first prize in the International Rifle Competition in two divisions, making her the first woman to be named "first-rank shot" by the Ministry of War

1908: completes her own personal Tour de France bicycle course when she's refused official admittance because she's a woman

1909: becomes the first person, woman or man, to cross the North Sea (direction France to England) in a balloon

1910: starts taking flying lessons, flies solo on the difficult Antoinette biplane, is the third woman in the world to obtain a pilot's license, sets first women's world records in aviation

1908-1910: wins 20 first prizes in the Winter Sports at Chamonix and Gerardmer in iceskating, skiing, and luge

1911: wins the Coupe Femina (aviation) in Turin, Italy; wins first prize in a balloon distance race

1912: completes the Paris-Irish Sea balloon concourse (and makes 14 other balloon ascensions this year); crashes in the countryside in her Deperdussion biplane

1914-1918: works as a Red Cross surgical nurse in field hospitals; bombs an enemy airbase and flies several missions; fights in the front lines disguised as a soldier; evacuates troops from the Dolomites on skiis; is awarded the Palme de Guerre, a military decoration

The list of accomplishments, awards, and activities of Marie Marvingt consists of six sheets of single-spaced items. See the complete, annotated list in the forthcoming book. If it helps, know that Marie Marvingt slept only 2-4 hours a night.

Marie Marvingt​​